Principles of Rehabilitation

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In this essay I will discuss theoretical principals of rehabilitation of a particular patient I cared for while on clinical placement. It will focus on the role of the multidisciplinary team involved in this rehabilitation process post acute myocardial infarction and the education and support given to the patient and her family during the discharge planning process. Also I will be including statistics and evidence of pathophysiology. The National Service Framework for Older People (Department of Health, 2001) sets out eight standards including standard three about intermediate care services that promote independence and provide effective rehabilitation services. Active rehabilitation is seen to reduce the risks of hospital readmission,…show more content…
Cardiac Rehabilitation programme is offered to patients post myocardial infarction. Rehabilitation is defined by the Royal College of Nursing RCN, (2000,pg.3) as re-enablement which means "helping people adapt to changes in their life circumstances." Cardiac rehabilitation is defined by Jowcett and Thompson 1996 cited in Noy (1998,pg.1033) as "the process by which patients with coronary heart disease are enabled to achieve their optimal physical, emotional, social and economic status". Furthermore, it is also defined by the World Health Organisation WHO, (1993) cited in the National Service Framework for coronary heart disease DOH, (2000,pg.3) as the "sum of activities required to influence favourably the underlying cause of the disease, as well as the best possible physical, mental and social conditions, so that they (people) may, by their own efforts preserve or resume when lost, as normal a place as possible in the community". Rehabilitation is a complex activity that requires contributions from many members of the healthcare team. Rehabilitation is a planned, goal-directed activity that requires assessment and re-assessment using standardised measures to monitor progress. It must include patients and their families and friends. Cardiac rehabilitation programme is structured to be either hospital based, community based or home based. It was recommended by WHO, (1993) that cardiac rehabilitation should start at the time of coronary heart disease, or
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