Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Care

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Principles of safeguarding and protection in Health and Social Care
Unit 204
Level 2
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Know how to recognise signs of abuse

Definition of physical abuse
Physical abuse is non-accidental pain or injury inflicted on a service user by a health or care worker. This can include hitting, shaking, rough treatment or inappropriate use of restraint.

Definition of Sexual Abuse
Sexual abuse usually refers to any sexual activity that is unwanted and is inflicted by physical force or other methods of coercion such as threats or intimidation.
Definition of Emotional/Psychological Abuse This refers to the psychological or emotional exploitation of the relationship between a care worker/person and a service
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uctance to undress or uncover parts of the body
1.2 Signs and Symptoms of Sexual Abuse * Person discloses, either fully or partially, that sexual abuses occurring or has occurred in the past * Person has urinary tract infections, vaginal infections orsexually transmitted diseases that are not otherwise explained * Person appears unusually subdued, withdrawn or has poor concentration * Person exhibits significant change in sexual behaviour or outlook * Person experiences pain, itching or bleeding in genital/anal area * Person's underclothing is torn, stained or bloody * A woman who lacks the mental capacity to consent to sexual intercourse becomes pregnant * A person found having any sexual activity with a person with severe mental incapacity * Images of sexual abuse on the internet
Signs and Symptoms of Emotional/Psychological Abuse * Untypical ambivalence, deference, resignation, becoming passive * Person appears anxious or withdrawn, especially in the presence of the alleged perpetrator * Person exhibits low self esteem * Person rejects their own cultural background and/ or racial origin * Untypical changes in behaviour, for example, continence problems, sleep disturbance, depression or fear * Person is not allowed visitors or phone calls * Person locked in a room/in their home * Person is denied access to aids or equipment, for example, glasses, hearing aid, crutches * Person's access to personal
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