Principles of Social and Health Care Essay

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HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE PRACTICE PRINCIPLES OF SUPPORT For an Old Care home there are some underlying principles of support that need to be applied to ensure that the patients and people living in the care home are looked after for in a dignified way. These principles are: - Respect for privacy and Dignity – This principle ensures that the old people have a right to lead their life in their own dignified way that they choose to. They dress up in the way they want to, eat the way they want to and most important of all are given their own private space to indulge into things they want to. If they are dependent on staff, it doesn’t mean that they need to compromise on their dignified way of living. Staff should avoid using patronizing…show more content…
He used to move around the entire facility and pick up fights with other residents thereby making it very difficult for us to manage him and the safety of other residents. We made a separate enclosure for him which was huge and his timings of having food and recreation were shifted ahead so that minimum issues arise due to his aggressive nature. This was an ethical dilemma as we had to shift him to a separate enclosure away from the other residents but that was for his own safety and the residents’ safety in the facility. GUIDELINES AS PER CODE OF CONDUCT Old-Age care home being a facility catering to the needs of the old people who have been deserted by their families due to disability or age helps the people lead a dignified life in what we call their second innings. The facility is governed by a separate code of conduct and legislations as mentioned by law. These guidelines are given below: - Agents and Appointees- These are nominees appointed by residents who are to pay for the fees and any other outstanding payments till the time the resident is in the facility. These nominees are basically relatives or friends. In case there is no relative or friend then the department of Social Service appoints the same. Power of Attorney – This is basically given by an individual to an agent or relative to act on his behalf to carry out any legal, financial transaction in case the individual is not able to fulfill them on his own. The authority in this case is fully liable
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