Principles of Software Engg. Essay

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University of Ballarat GRADUATE SCHOOL OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES ITECH6501 Principles of Software Engineering Name: Abdulhadi Zawi (30088958) Individual Assignment - 20 marks – refer to Course Description for weighting Semester 2011/05 Report Due Date: Refer to course description In this first assignment, TWO software development methodologies will be examined using the first four laws given in the prescribed text. Glass’ law Requirement deficiencies are the prime source of project failures. (LI) Boehm’s first law Errors are most frequent during the requirements and design activities and…show more content…
A very high level model can be developed to show the customer how the end product will work with other existing systems or a detailed entity relationship model can be used to design the database. The models are effective but if and only if they are used in the proper perspective there is no one model that can serve at different levels of understanding. Agile Methodology: Glass’ law: Requirements are the driving factor in customer satisfaction, which leads to the successful projects. If the customer is not satisfied with the requirements they had in their mind and the product they get at the end, then the project is definitely going towards failure. The Agile software development methodology is heavily based on frequent communication and collaboration of development teams and the customer. This frequent communication helps the teams and the customer to find out if something is missing or something is not required as and when it is developed. This is the main reason that we have higher success ratios in Agile software development projects. Boehm’s first law: To remove errors in the later stages of development is more costly because a lot of rework is required. It is much easy to correct them as soon as they are identified. The Agile software development methodology helps in getting user feedback after every iteration. In each iteration a small portion of software is delivered and user can easily identify any

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