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Also to be able to manage instruments and dispose unwanted items during the surgery. As a circulating ODP you are expected to provide supplementary items such as sutures,swabs,extra instruments and specimens. My main focus would be the patient care and safety. I will be using my clinical placement as a scenario to explain my surgical placement. I will not be using real names to protect the patient's confidentiality. This is also a policy that should be followed under the HCPC’s (Health and Care Professions Council), HCPC (SOP 2008, SCPE 2012) I will be showing a reflection of an incident of what went wrong in a surgical environment and how to prioritise the aspects of patient care in order to provide a good patient care. As for this essay I will referring my patient as 'Mr Xavier' and the Surgeon consultant as 'Mr J'. It is important to maintain the patients confidentiality to make sure the client is protected and also to maintain confidentiality according to the HCPC student guidelines on conducts and ethics (2008). An incident took place at my Hospital during a Urology procedure when I was in my surgery placement. Reflection This is an essential criteria for all health care practitioners as it work as a tool to improve your skills and understanding of what is positive and what could be done to improve the negatives. Boud, Keogh and Walker (1985) states that 'talk about reflection being an opportunity to recapture

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