Principles of safeguarding

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Learner Name Workplace address Qualification title and level Unit name and number Unit 4- Principles of safeguarding and protection in Health and social care Answer Please use this template when answering the knowledge worksheets. If you choose to use another template then please ensure that you include all of the information included in this document. photocopy/print as many sheets as required. Q no: 1. Abuse is: about a person inappropriately using their power over another individual, Treating someone with disrespect, the control by a person of an individual using fear, violence, or intimidation, the mistreatment by any person that violates an individual 's human and civil rights…show more content…
Isolation. Failure to take necessary medicines, leaving a burning stove unattended, poor hygiene, confusion, unexplained weight loss, and dehydration may all be signs of self-neglect. Neglect by others: Inadequate care or denial of an individual’s basic right. Bedsores, poor hygiene, unsanitary living conditions, and unattended medical needs may be signs of neglect. 3. Some individuals are more vulnerable to harm or abuse than others. These are some of the reasons why: Individuals with a sensory impairment, may lack the capacity, be severely disabled, physically or emotionally weak, have suffered brain injury and may not be able to communicate, be unconscious, who do not have good support networks around them, who are reliant on another person for care and support. Factors that may contribute to an individual is being abused : setting - lack of trained staff, not enough staff, work pressure, stress. Also Individual – dementia, disability, isolation, vulnerability And abuser - ignorance, lack of training, abused person becomes the abuser, abuse of power, greed, frustration, stress 4. The key things I must do if an individual discloses abuse to me: • Assume the individual is telling the truth. Speak to them in a calm and sensitive way. Listen carefully and make sure you record what was said including date, time and place. • Reassure the individual and tell them that you have to pass this information on. • Always follow
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