Principples of Event Management

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Principles of Event Management

Since the dawn of time, in one way or another, events have existed to mark an important occasion that is to happen. Celebrating the changing of seasons and phases of the moon are all events because it gathers people of a common interest to a specified place at a particular place. Although events have been around for many years, the 1990's saw the events industry emerge. The events industry saw the growth of events related education in colleges and universities. At present times, events have grown in popularity to such a scale, that it is now a global industry. There are different types of event, which include social life cycle events, sporting, cultural, business and fundraising. Events can be divided in
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Where and when will the event take place? What is the event's purpose? This identification process is useful to our event as it will guide us through decisions and make clear what our objectives are. It will also keep the group focused on the objectives. The most important stage of the event is the planning. To achieve efficient planning, the event organisers need to establish their current position, and then determine what their desired position in the future will be. An organisation needs to figure out how they will successfully reach this desired position and this is done with planning. Thompson (1997) believed that planning "should concentrate on identifying and evaluating alternative courses of action, so that opportunities are created. Planning therefore increases awareness". Thompson (1997). This is a very relevant quote and should be considered greatly when event organise begin to plan an event. There are a number of benefits that can be gained from planning. Foremost it enables managers to recognize and solve problems and what Thompson (1997) wrote, alternative strategies are highlighted and considered. Also staff responsibilities are clarified and uncertainties can be discussed. Johnson and Scholes (1999) commented that sticking to a rigid plan could usually lead to an unsuccessful event. Adapting to constantly altering factors such as culture, politics and staffing is crucial. This element is something that our group should consider.

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