Print Advertising is the Most Effective Means of Getting the Message Out

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Print advertising continues to be one of the most effective means for advertisers to showcase their message. No matter what type of print format an advertisement has its purpose is to communicate and relate to the needs of the audience. Generally these types of advertisements draw the audience’s attention instantly because of the exceptional use of persuasion and visual presentation. The combination of some of these techniques can be very appealing hence this is why in today’s society advertising is one of the reasons that influence people’s choices when it comes to what they buy. The two advertisements to be analysed include Streets Magnum by Unilever and Natural Foods by Nestle Professionals. Although the two food advertisements appeal to different audiences they both use techniques such as images, colour and written text. The Streets Magnum advertisement was obtained from a Woman’s Weekly Magazine published in 2009 that was primarily targeted at women aged between 30 and 45. The Women’s Weekly is a very popular Australian magazine filled with fashion tips, real life stories, recipes and health advice hence, its target audience would certainly be reached. The Streets Magnum advertisement would appeal to individuals who love chocolate and ice cream who also value and enjoy the moment of consumption. Conversely, the Natural Foods advertisement by Nestle Professionals was found from an organic food magazine that was published in 2010. The magazine may appeal to people
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