Print Magazine Advertising On The World

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Print magazine ads can have a lot of influence in the world, like offering a new window into a product that readers did not know before. The ads from magazines offer a first impression of some introducing a whole new world. Some present relics from an old dying age to products that are at the front of what is going to happen and how fast. With the business of watches dropping in favor of cell phones, Breitling and Rolex needed a way that they could help drum up business and revenue. One such example of this is Breitling, Breitling took a liking to Fast Company while Rolex tried personal luck in Fortune magazine. Targeting the middle to high income professionals they appeal through the tones of innovation and remembrance of old money. Watches are seen around the world as a dying need, but few companies such as Breitling and Rolex are able to stay staples of the industry because the message they present to those that consumers buy them and wear them. Breitling, has an ad in the Fast Company magazine, the December 2013 through the January of 2014 edition. The ad shows five jet planes flying overhead against a sky. The viewer gets the perspective of a camera that displays the darkened helmeted face of the pilot and the restraints that hold him in his seat. The stunt-planes of the Breitling places proudly display the name and the colors of the Breitling Company, the blue and gold colors blend in with the ever-so-slightly darkened sky as they fly overhead. Big and bold white…
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