Print Newspapers Are Becoming A Thing Of The Past

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INTRODUCTION In today’s world, technology is present in every facet of our lives. The media is no exception. Print newspapers are becoming a thing of the past, with new digital, online news taking its place. This change in how we get our news comes with both advantages and drawbacks. While some may prefer printed news, there’s no denying the news is slower and has less ability to change. And while digital articles are quicker to publish and allow for user comments they can sometimes be less accurate when initially printed. However, as society adapts to this new technology, it’s clear that print newspapers are becoming less and less popular and are being replaced (Grabowicz,). ANALYSIS Speed One of the most significant changes is how quickly people are able to access new information. With the internet, people can view new articles as soon as they are written and posted. This can put some added pressure on journalists to print articles as quickly as possible, lest their story become ‘old news’. It’s also making people expect to see the absolute newest news in their print based news. This is evident in Chris Elliot’s article where he says people expected to see news of the Paris attacks in their newspapers the next day, even though those papers had already been printed (Elliot, ). The ability to quickly bring people information is also a huge benefit. With the internet ever present in our lives, people can access the information they need in seconds. With twitter now a common

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