Printing Press and Its Effects

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Week seven
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ONG in chapter five “ Print, Space and Closure”talks about printing press and its effects .Through the chapter I found some interesting points connected to literacy. First,the idea of persons in a primary oral culture can entertain some sense of proprietary rights to a poem but with writing resentment at plagiarism begins to develop . We struggle in a copy right world and with removing words from the sound world , print encouraged us to think about mental held possessions as we express ourselves in narrative discourse."Writing is not necessarily the mirror-image and destroyer of orality, but reacts or interacts with oral communication in a variety of ways. Sometimes the line between written and oral even in a single activity cannot actually be drawn very clearly, as in the characteristic Athenian contract which involved witnesses and an often rather slight written document, or the relation between the performance of a play and the written and published text.” (Rosalind Thomas, Literacy and Orality in Ancient Greece. Cambridge Univ. Press, 1992). As a future literacy specialist , I gained new understanding about the line between oral and written and the way writing interacts with oral. Second,print causes the presence of intertextuality which central in current phenomenological and critical circles . As the writer stated, intertextuality refers to a literacy and psychological commonplace.The literary text is the product of a writer, who elects to write a
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