Essay on Printing and Different Types

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Personal statement – Use of office equipment

1. Identify different types of equipment and their uses. • Telephones – To make and receive calls. • Photocopier – To photocopy documents etc. • Printer – To send print jobs. • Computer – To produce documents and various other tasks. • Scanner – To scan documents. • Shredder – To shred any documents with personal information on. • Fax – To send documents through a telephone line.

2. Describe the different features of different types of office equipment. • Printers – To print in high volume, colour and black and white documents. • Photocopiers – To copy documents on a large or small scale. • Telephones – To communicate with members of staff
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2.3 Identify health and safety procedures for using different types of equipment. • Keep liquids away from anything electrical. • Keep all equipment in the correct places. • Keep work areas clean and tidy. • Follow Health and Safety procedures at work. • If the toner runs out, this is recycled via an external company. • If the printer/copier breaks down an external company will come out to fix it once a call log has been made by us.

2.4 Explain the purpose of following health and safety procedures when using equipment.
The purpose of health and safety procedures is to protect yourself or anyone else from any harm at your workplace. It may also protect any equipment from breaking and may contribute to making the equipment last longer and therefore saving the company money. You must always follow health and safety procedures when using equipment.

2.5 Explain the purpose of keeping equipment clean and hygienic.
By maintaining the equipment you may contribute to the equipment lasting longer. The item is less likely to have any problems if you look after it and you should always clean something after you have used it, ready for the next user. Also by cleaning the equipment it could contribute to getting a higher standard of work.

3.1 Give examples of waste when using equipment.
Different examples of waste when using equipment are: • Paper • Ink • Electricity

3.2 Give examples of ways to reduce waste.
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