Printing and Photocopier Essay

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1.1 Describe organisational policies, procedures and levels of authority in maintaining office equipment
Office equipment in our department:
When a photocopier in our department experiences a fault such as a paper jam it is myself and Claire that are responsible for fixing it. However if the photocopier still isn’t working after we have followed the instruction to fix it, we are responsible to call Sharples, the suppliers, and ask for them to send out an engineer to fix the problem. We would also place a sign on the photocopier to inform the other staff members that the machine is out of order and that an engineer has been called out.
In the case of a printer fault the same procedure would be carried out as Sharples also supply our
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Make sure that your computer is linked to the correct printer. When printing you need to amend all the properties you require on your computer, such as how many or which pages of the document you want printing, the printed page orientation and how many copies you want, before you print out the document(s). Once you are happy with your choices click the print button on your computer and the documents will print to the chosen printer.

1.3 Explain the reasons for following manufacturers and organisational instructions when operating equipment

It is important to follow manufacturer’s instructions when using office equipment as they are made specifically for each machine. They have very detailed instructions on how to use the equipment correctly and also what to do if the equipment malfunctions or breaks down. So it is essential to follow these instructions to ensure safe and correct use of all office equipment.
Organisational instructions also ensure safe and correct use of office equipment as they outline who can use the various equipment throughout the company, who breakdowns need to be reported to and whether authorisation is needed. This is crucial so that the company and everyone working within the company knows the boundaries and that safe practice is carried out when operating the equipment and who to report to if there are any issues.
1.4 Describe the types of

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