Prior To The Project, I Had Limited Exposure To Writing

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Prior to the project, I had limited exposure to writing risk assessments, as I have already completed some in science. During the course of this project, we expanded on my existing knowledge and I leaned about the content of risk assessments and how to write one correctly. They were useful because after writing a risk assessment for the spot welder I was able to identify all the hazards and dangers associated with that piece of equipment. I then felt confident with using it safely.
I encountered a minor injury while using a junior hacksaw on the burr from the sheet metal. To deal with this I ran my finger under the cold tap and then put a plaster on to stop the bleeding. Another safety issue that accrued while creating my toolbox was that
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As well as using spot welding I also used pop riveting to join the sheet metal together. To create my handle I used the forging machine to heat the metal up so that I was then able to bend it to the correct shape and angles. As well as using the junior hacksaw to cut the sheet metal I used the multi-forming press break and sheer to cut a straight line on the sheet metal. Overall I used two forming fabrication processes, two joining and two cutting processes.
When measuring out my component blank I used a ruler to measure the lengths and widths. To make sure that the angles were correct on my component blank I used a protractor, this was to ensure that they were as accurate as possible.
To make sure that my components were cut out accurately, I first cut a straight line on one of the sides of the box, I then cut another straight line using the t-square at a 90-degree angle to my first line. These lines are my datum lines and they are what I measured all my measurements from so that they were accurate.

Before I started creating my toolbox, I was given drawings, which had the measurements and tolerances. I then had to interpret these drawings to create my toolbox. While creating the toolbox I had to take into consideration a tolerance of +-0.5mm on any straight lines that were cut, and +-1.00mm on bends that were made. This meant that I had to make sure that the
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