Priorities: Path-Makers of Life

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“I've been lucky. Opportunities don't often come along. So, when they do, you have

to grab them”, said Audrey Hepburn – a British actress and humanitarian. In life, there are

thousands of opportunities that come along the way. However, one cannot seize them all

for some are more important than the others. Setting priorities then unravels the problem of

deciding on what to take first. But then again, opportunities are not always there just as how

time inevitably passes. There can be a moment when someone is ready to grab them but they are

already gone. Moreover, there is a possibility that it may lead to disappointment affecting the

way of life.

Virginity is a significant and revered value among Filipinos, a something to be
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By this, Miss Mijares was a round and dynamic type of character. Her motivation for

change was her feelings for the man. The way she changed her attitude could tell that she cared

for the carpenter or possibly she already loved him.

Being described as not exactly ugly but not also pretty, Miss Mijares learned how to

dress herself – a way of hiding her real age and having resistance from the cynical eyes of the

public. She liked poufs and shirring and little girlish pastel colors. “An inevitable row of thick

camouflaging ruffles sat on her bodice that made her look almost as though she had a bosom”.

This was her way to conceal the tiredness and loneliness of her body. Moreover, pastel colors

symbolized how ironically dull her life was. She always wanted to portray blooming neglecting

the fact that she was old. It seemed like the teenage life was just starting for her because the way

she dressed herself is also the way a typical teenager would do.

In her 34 years of existence, she was not proud but shameful that she had maintained her

virginity. She had never been in a relationship because when she was younger, there had been

other things to do – college to finish, a niece to put through school, a mother to care for. She did

not mind the time that passed by

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