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1. Critique the prioritizing process at D. D. Williamson. D.D. Williamson (Williamson) is the world leader in caramel coloring and natural coloring for foods and beverages with global operations on five continents since founded in 1865. Over the years, the company has managed to be successful in many business endeavors, as well as withstanding the test of time by being in existence almost 150 years (DDW, 2013). In this time, Williamson has experienced many difficulties but yet has managed to overcome them all and their problem with prioritizing was no different. In this case study, Williamson had trouble managing projects that were successful, so they took a step back and pinpointed the cause of this issue. They found the cause to be…show more content…
Each project team could have been given a set number of projects and each team should have prioritized each project they were given. This set-up would have provided a better environment for effective communication as well, another important tool for the success of project management. 2. Suggest at least one (1) recommendation to improve the prioritizing process. Developing a project charter before each project is started would improve the prioritizing process at Williamson. A project charter or contract is a necessary tool that helps get the ball rolling with any project. A charter should be a short, brief synopsis of the project that gives the project manager permission to start the project, help the sponsor and project team members develop a clear understanding, holds persons involved accountable, and screening project that have potential (Kloppenborg, Nkomo, Fottler, & McAfee, 2012). A project charter can also identify the potential of a project before it begins so the team can assess whether or not the project should be attempted at this time or another. This approach could help Williamson develop a more systematic strategy to prioritizing projects. Research has shown that only 12.5 percent of companies look at their projects to see if they align with their business and that project failure is mostly due to businesses not having a

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