Prioritizing Hawaii Born Homeless Before Those From The Mainland

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Norman Thompson
December 14, 2015

Prioritizing Hawaii-born Homeless before Those from the Mainland

Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches, tropical climate, and (former) pineapple exports. This state is also number one in a lot of areas: worst traffic, highest cost of living, and highest homeless population. These are all important issues that most people outside of the islands do not think about when imagining a tropical paradise. The homeless population is a critical issue that will be discussed in this essay. Homelessness is a result of many factors: job loss, family disputes, foreclosure, and even drug addiction. In Hawaii, the main cause of homelessness is the rising cost of living. As housing costs increase, the homeless population increases as well. This, combined with low minimum wage jobs results in an even larger increase of homelessness. A large portion of Hawaii’s homeless come from the mainland as well. Many homeless living on the mainland find it hard to survive in harsh climates. Some mainland states have extreme climates during winter and summer. This makes it difficult for those living on the streets to survive, so the government sends them to Hawaii, where the climate is suitable for living without a home. State officials plan on implementing many solutions to tackle this issue, but the biggest problem is the homeless that came here from other states. It is ironic to think that some people, born and raised in Hawaii,…
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