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Prioritizing Projects at D.D. Williamson 2014 October 20 HRM 517/ Professor Stephen Castellese Prioritizing Projects 1 Introduction Keeping any organization above water takes a few key components. These components are not limited to strategic planning, goals, budgeting, qualifications, leadership and loyalty. These components will make for a successful organization as long as they remember to prioritize. A case study has been conducted on the business of D.D. Williamson. The D.D. Williamson Company has not been one to lack success, but has lacked the ability to manage projects. Because of its lacking ability to manage projects they have missed out on opportunities and have exceeded budgets. After reading the…show more content…
41). The prioritizing process that the company once used in 2004, caused a weakness in the organization. There were overwhelming amounts of projects considered to be of high importance. These projects we often late, exceeded budget, never reaching projected goals, thus causing a big lost for growth and profits. 2004-2009, was a critical time for D.D. Williamson and they were faced with reality. They knew they needed to make changes to their prioritization. Rather choosing all projects, they chose 5 VIPs (Vision Impact Projects) that would receive a higher level of focus from the senior management team. After applying the prioritization, the company experienced more growth and achieved more predicted results. Recommendation to Improve the Prioritizing Process If I were a consultant for D.D. Williamson, I would recommend various procedures that would have assisted in the improvements of the company’s prioritization. Stanleigh (2013) says that approximately 68% of organizations do not have a systemized approach to prioritizing projects within their own organization. Some things that could have assisted D.D. Williamson include, but are not limited to, creating a systematic approach to prioritizing projects, financial modeling, an approved charter, project ranking system, and senior management approval. In reference to finances, a financial tool call a scoring card should be utilized to ensure projects. The score card looks at

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