Priority High School Speech

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The perfect high school does not exist, and it will never exist in this world. But if it could exist, then the perfect high school would have the perfect principal and staff. On the first day of Priority High School, there would be a speech given by the principal. In this speech, they should first make it known that they are honored to be the leader of the school, as they should be. High school is an experience after all, and should have leaders leading it, and should have students who are all bonded through one idea: that they are American.
The very next thing the principal of Priority High should address would be that at Priority, there will be no special attention given to narcissism. The students are all equals at Priority, this means there will be no clubs that will divide the students based on how they identify. For example: race, sexual identity, nationality, or any political view. The school will not honor race or ethnicity, but will honor individual identity. Narcissism is an unhealthy preoccupation with the self, and will not be found here. The goal is to get students to think beyond themselves, and things like race or sexual identity is only thinking within the boundaries of yourself.
Teachers at Priority will be handpicked. They will have to have the right characteristics as well as a Masters degree in whatever subject they
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There will be a variety of sports programs, but priorities come first, and the priority is making sure the students are retaining information. Most of the tax payers money will go to better textbooks, teachers paycheck, and classroom necessities, instead of the football program. There will be more time and energy spent in the classroom with students noses in books, than students at football practice. There will also be guidelines the coaches must follow, like if a player throws up because he was overworked by the coach, then he will have serious consequences. This is child
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