Priority Quality Improvement Of A High Performing Health Care System

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Priority Quality Improvement Need Identified The advancement of a high-performing health care system that accomplishes improved access, enhanced quality, and more effectiveness, for the susceptible, vulnerable, the uninsured, minority, children, and elderly adult, remain vital (Commonwealth Fund, 2016). The expectations to meet this standard has been adopted by hospitals as they are in continuous review of modalities to provide safe, effective, and efficient care for their community. Consequently, the priority Quality Improvement area identified in the Medsurg/Orthopedic unit of riverside hospital is “Point of Care Documentation”. Members of the Healthcare Team Involved with priority need Members that will be affected by the priority Quality Improvement as identified in the Medsurg/Orthopedic unit, include clinical and direct care nurses, nurse leaders and administrators, Patient Support Assistants, the multidisciplinary team, comprising of the physicians, the physical therapists, occupational therapists, Nutritionists, Phlebotomies, Respiratory therapists, environmentalists, and the social workers, and the hospital in general. Complete Review of Minutes Regarding Priority Need Meanwhile, the minute of the need as identified was reviewed. In attendance was the hospital improvement committee, Clinical Nurse managers, Administrative nurse managers, staff nurse leadership representatives, and representatives from the unit’s joint Commission. During the proceedings, the focus
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