Priscilla Queen of the Desert

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English Oral In today’s Australian society it has now become almost commonplace for us to question our beliefs and what it means to be an Australian. We have always turned to consider our cultural aspects and how they determine a strong Australian identity. The voice of a hot climate, the tone of the red sand, the indifference of man and woman and even the lifestyle of the Australian people all play important parts within our community. However to be an Australian is truly shaped by the kind acts of mateship that we possess within our relationships with friends and family. The mateship of society should not be affected by gender but really truly lie upon the relationships in our lives, which is why I have chosen Priscilla and Red Dog,…show more content…
They show a strong personality and aren´t scared of the aggressive men. Especially Bernadette knows what to do and makes the men to give up and go away! (THIS IS WHERE YOU WRITE ABOUT THE CAMERA ANGLE AND SHOTS AND SOUND TRACK AND EDITING TECHNIQUES ETC ETC.) The director of the movie has chosen these effects, angles and shots carefully, so as to express the emotion of all characters. By doing so, the director
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