Priscilla the Cambodian - Close Passage Analysis

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There has always been prejudice in the world. Everyone has had experience with prejudice at some point in their lives. Some, sadly to say, have had more experience with prejudice and worse experiences with it. Some people live in a life full of prejudice that is far beyond name calling and mental bullying. Some people have the unfortunate experiences dealing with a harsh physical abuse as well. In “Priscilla the Cambodian” a short story in Sightseeing written by Rattawut Lapcharoensap, Priscilla and her family represent some of the prejudice that occurs all over the world. This passage shows just how violent and insensitive people can be towards people who are not their own. It’s a deep, intriguing passage in the story that is …show more content…
The people living in the nice homes were no different, at least, no better, than the refugees. Moving on, the narrator says ”The truck puttered down the street, the men chanting now, as if working up the courage to do something valiant.”( Lapcharoensap 115) Puttered here meant that they were going down the street casually and in an unhurried manner. The men were chanting, getting enraged and hyped up even more. The narrator believes they were chanting in order to work up courage to do something valiant, or brave and courageous. Were the men not sure about what they wanted to do? They are going through a lot to go through with what they have planned. They have had to become drunk and now they have to chant to work up more courage. Maybe, deep down, these men don’t really want to do what they are about to do. Yet, they think it’s the only way to solve the problem. It’s odd the narrator uses the word valiant. I suppose the men could be acting as if they are about to do something excellent and worthy, but the use of the word through the narrator’s point of view is odd seeing how he is against the men’s thoughts about the refugees. He uses the word valiant because that is indeed how the men are acting, but he never comes back and says that what they are doing isn’t brave and courageous, it’s scary and torturous. Yet, he doesn’t have to say that this is how he really feels

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