Prison As A Last Resort

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"What is eliminated in prison is choice. What is encouraged is obedience. Bruno Bettelheim illustrated the result when he stated 'a prisoner had reached the final stage of adjustment to the camp situation when he had changed his personality so as to accept as his own the values of the Gestapo....Can one imagine a greater triumph for any system than this adoption of its values and behaviour by its powerless victims?' Until choice can be freely exercised and caring behaviour encouraged, there can be no meaningful change and the 'rehabilitation' of 'criminals' will only be a system's triumph over the values and behaviour of the powerless in our society." (Knopp, Boward, Morris, Schnapper, 1976 p9) To imprison a person means to remove…show more content…
Rehabilitation is facilitated by the offering of courses, to help the offender address his/her behaviour which society has labelled as “wrong” or inappropriate (Peterson, 1989; Shaffer, 1993). Therefore, a con of the strategy may be that the offenders are unable to access courses that could assist them in rehabilitation. Another purpose of the detention centre for young people may be through the use of a military structure to try and impress on them that they have done wrong (Munice, Hughes & McLaughlin 2002).

To support the policy there are different types of options that can be used instead of prison. These can include boot camps, electric monitoring, intensive supervision probation, day centres, periodic detention and harsher alternatives include the following community service, community based order and the option of imposing a fine (White & Perrone 2005). Boot camps are a short period of incarceration with the intention of presenting the offender with a strong message and ordinarily would be followed up by intensive supervision. The supervision can involve the offender submitting urinalysis tests and attending certain courses within the community and failing to comply with this can result incarceration (White & Perrone 2005). Electric monitoring involves the offender to wearing either an ankle or arm band that is electronically monitored from a base and will set off an alarm if they breach
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