Prison Camp Conditions in North Korea

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A decade later after World War l, North Korea established its own system of prison camps (Szoldra). As same as concentration camps, prisoners were inhumanly punished. Since then, prison conditions in North Korea are horrendous and not tolerated by prisoners as well as their family members and society. North Korea’s prison systems not only frightened the prisoners, but the society as well. Because of the issues generated by North Korea’s horrifying prison conditions have not only been serious problems in history but also today, this issue is being resolve by the collaboration of society.

The problem with prison camps in North Korea back in the past were totally inhumane. “Prison tended to be a place where people were held before their trail or while awaiting punishment. It was very rarely used as a punishment in its own right. Men and women, boys and girls, debtors and murderers were all held together in local prisons” (History of Prison System). Basically, prisoners were punished equally, they all suffer with the same system of conditions, which was not fair for other prisoners in the sense of the judgment toward them. Prisons were dreadful dangerous for children in the fact that they were put into local jails with dangerous prisoners. Conditions in prisons were mostly one of many punishment toward prisoners, among other things.

North Korea’s prison camps did not improve effectively, prison conditions over…

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