Prison Conditions in Egypt Essay

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Prison Conditions in Egypt

Egypt: a country with a population of over 69 000 000 people, home to
some of the worlds most fascinating structures (like the Pyramid's and
The Great Sphinx), and a main contributor to a good deal of the
world's trade industry (most notably petroleum products and cotton
textiles) [1]. One would expect such an affluent country to be a
nation thriving on high integrity and proper treatment of its
citizens. This is anything but the case. In what has been referred to
as "appalling", "life-threatening" and a "filthy system", the prison
conditions in Egypt and the procedures that accompany it are testament
to a true human rights violation and are in dangerous need of
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As people being
held in a prison, they should be guaranteed the right to safety and a
life free of harm within those walls. Prison is intended to punish
those who committed crimes, not ignite a needless fire in them that
could lead to further crimes once they are released (if they ever are
released, that is). The prison conditions and practices that the Egypt
legal system presents is not an effective method of rehabilitating
people to the formidable citizens they once were as much as it is a
general exhibit of contempt for those they see determine as being
guilty and, more than anything, a blatant human rights violations.

The terror begins the minute the accused person is arrested.
Accompanied by soldiers from the Central Security Forces, the
authorities in charge of the arrest awake the accused person during
after-midnight hours in an attempt intimidate them and hopefully
frighten them, thusly making less likely to fight back under such
circumstances. On top of that, the amount of authorities/soldier
involved in the "attack" is a number far greater than is necessary for
such a typical practice like arresting someone. They violently invade
every room of the house through different entrances, while another
group is out hiding in the streets, corridors and other places in
order to terrorize the accused. Doors and windows are needlessly
broken in order to enter the home.…

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