Prison Conditions in North Korea

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Kim Jong Un is systematically trying to eliminate every person who disagrees with him publically. Anyone who commits an illegal crime or gets exposed by gossiping or disagrees with him politically will be confined to these horrendous prison camps. Over one-hundred thousand people were imprisoned in labor camps and about forty thousand have died due to starvation,disease and execution. These camps oppress, degrade and violate innocent people for as long as they live. Prison camps in North Korea are considered the most gruesome throughout the world. Many people are ignorant of these conditions in North Korea, but are defenseless and intolerant towards this dilemma. Prison conditions in North Korea horrific and not much is being done to stop this. In 1958, just after World War II, these camps and conditions began, when Kim II-Sung got rid of those who opposed his regime. There are currently twenty - five concentration camps in North Korea, in which camp twenty- two is the largest among all. These camps are used to oppress, violate and degrade North Korean prisoners for as long as they live. Anyone who disagreed with Kim Jong Un or committed any crime would be imprisoned. In reference to free the North Korean government has also imprisoned family memebers of those who refuged to South Korea durning the war. Prisoners are made to work long hours by logging or mining where some prisoners die. Anyone who tries to escape are publicly shot or hanged. Women are often
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