Prison Education

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The educational system has proven to be a key essential need for people to thrive in a world of labor based on skill and knowledge. The current American prison system has attempted to improve its current programs, but have not proven to make a true impact. The rates of recidivism for former offenders remain high. The best way to understand how correctional facilities can improve the experience of imprisoned offenders is to first understand what aspects of current programs actually aid inmates. The best way to figure that information is to listen to those who have first-hand knowledge. Former offenders who found positives in their life of prison and have translated it to their life after they regained their freedom. Receiving education creates…show more content…
Struggles such as finding housing and employment are only part of the story. The mental aspect of reintegration into a world that operates without the strict structure of prison and the resocialization with a society that looks down upon not only those who have committed a crime but even worse upon those who have been imprisoned. The stigma carried by ex-criminals affects all their aspects of life after prison. These are difficulties that play a large part in the struggle of reentering the society they once belonged to. There are various elements of a prisoner’s life while incarcerated are created as a part of the structure put in place by the prison systems and are lost when the inmate is released. Education in the prison system by the means of programs can aid inmates to prepare before they are released. Education gives inmates a reason to have a purpose once released. Education provides knowledge to aid inmates in acquiring tools and strengths they will need to have a successful reintegration into society. In a society that relies on educated laborers being able to find employment to be able to afford their daily life, ability to socialize, and knowledge to stray away from life of crime are areas that can be improved by educational programs
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