Prison Gang Integration And Inmate Violence

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The reality of prison gangs cannot be over look. Many inmates join gangs for safety and protection during their incarceration. “Prison gangs is an organization which operates within prison systems as a self-perpetuating entity, consisting a group of inmates who establishes and organize chain of commands” (Pyrooz & Mitchell). They also are governed by an established prison code. Research has shown that prison gangs have effects on non-gang members and the prison system. I will examine ten articles that explore the effects of prison gangs.
Literature Review
“Prison gang integration and inmate violence”
The first article I reviewed by John L Worrall and Robert G Morris discusses how gang membership is linked with inmate misconduct (Worrall & Morris. 2012). John Worrall states that know “gang members are more prone than non-gang members to act violent during the time of their incarceration” (Worrall & Morris. 2012). Worrall and his team collected data on inmates from large southern states and examine the inmate on inmate violence.
The data included the inmates personal information (address, birthplace, nicknames, ect,), and criminal records. The data was also limited to inmates who were incarcerated in May 2004 and May 2006, serving three conservative years in a traditional facility, and who were not sentenced to life without the possibility of parole or sentenced to death (Worrall & Morris. 2012). There results shown that gang membership is an important…

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