Prison Gangs

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Prison Gangs
Michael Dooley
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Prison Gangs
Prison gangs are flourishing across the country. Organized, stealthy and deadly, they are reaching out from their cells to organize and control crime in America's streets. Law enforcement personal began to systematically monitor gang activities in the 1970's. Working together, their initial attempts were to identify only gangs which had some semblance of formal structure, a constitution, bylaws, mission statement, or some identifiable tenets guiding their activities. However, with experience, staff began to realize that even less well-organized groups could still pose significant threats to the security and orderly running of an institution. Many of these smaller groups
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Other names for the Aryan brotherhood are: AB, Alice, Alice Baker, Tip, and Brand. In the beginning, the premise of the Aryan brotherhood was white supremacy and German and Irish ancestry. Over the years, the Aryan Brotherhood has moved away from the Neo-Nazi philosophy, with members staying with Irish ancestry and Viking symbolism and history. The Aryan brotherhood has a "blood in-blood out" rule, which means the only way in is to kill, and the only way out is to be killed (gangs or us). The Aryan Brotherhood has several was to identify them by the symbols the use. Some of the symbols are shamrock clover leafs, the initials "AB" or "ABT", swastikas, double lighting bolts, and the numbers "666". They are also known to use Gaelic (old Irish) symbols as a method of coding communications (Texas prison gangs). The Aryan brotherhood has a strong leadership structure. Key decisions and murders must be approved by a "commission" before being implemented. Members of the commission communicate through third parties in the community or during social and attorney visits. The Aryan brotherhood's primary enemies are the Black Guerrilla Family, Crips, Bloods, and the El Rukns. The Aryan brotherhood actively cooperates with the Dirty White Boys, an Anglo spin-off gang of the Texas Syndicate. Similar cooperation has been observed with the Silent Brotherhood. They also maintain a working relationship with the Mexican
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