Prison Has A Huge Problem Within The United States

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“The United States is the world’s leader of incarceration with 2.2 million people in jails and prisons; having an increase in population rate of 500% over the past thirty years “(The Sentencing Project, 2014). Of the 2.2 million individuals in these facilities, over one million are mentally ill persons. According to the National Institute of Corrections, mentally ill offenders have strained the correctional system. Since the deinstitutionalization of mentally ill from public hospitals in the 1990s, civilians with mental health issues are more likely to be free in the community, without any programming and are more likely to inflict in criminal behavior. The prison population rate for mentally ill offender makes up more than half the overall population. 78,000 in Federal prison, 705,600 in State prisons, and 479,000 in local jails. Overcrowding prison has become a huge problem within the United States, which lead to seeking in alternative options. Since there isn’t enough space or resources applicable to provide for all those who are diagnosed with mental issues, a shift to community supervision have taken place; probation and parole being the greatest form of supervision. The National Institute of Corrections continues to state how parole and probation are overrepresentation of those who are mentally ill, with rates two to four times greater than the general population. Even with this being true, the combination of the cost of imprisonment, treatment needs and
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