Prison Health Care Paper

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Prison Healthcare Angelia Burnette HCS 430 May 28, 2012 Susan Kajfasz Prison Healthcare Healthcare is a big topic no matter how you view it, but when looking at it from the point of a person who is in prison, it takes on a whole new view. Those who are in prison have federal and state laws that say that the prisons must provide them with medical facilities for their healthcare needs. This paper will identify a governmental agency that regulates the healthcare that is provided to prisoners in an institution within the United States, along with the foundation of such an agency and who regulates the licenses, accreditation, certifications, and authorization for employment for those who work within one of these…show more content…
The BOP provides the inmates with the latest tele-health services through video conferencing, especially for those inmates who are provided behavioral health services. With this technology, inmates are able to communicate with their psychologists via internet. This helps tremendously with those inmates who are prone to violence or may be sick and cannot leave their cells. Other great benefits of tele-health is inmates have access to specialists that they otherwise would not have, it provides the correctional institution with greater certainty and control in arranging appointments and repeatedly allows emergency cases to be seen more quickly, and it is very cost effective for the institution (Magaletta, 2000). Regulatory Authority The Federal Bureau of Prisons has guidelines and regulations that they must adhere to when it comes to providing healthcare to inmates within the prison system. Although some of the guidelines and regulations vary from institution to institution, the authority given to the BOP when it comes to health services is much the same regardless of which prison an inmate is housed at. The BOP regulates the health care services that are provided to the inmates based upon the needs of such. Most prisons have psychological services available to each inmate along with a provider for other medical services. As other needs arise, the BOP is responsible for providing and maintaining
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