Prison: Inside and Out Essay

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Freedom in any society is a condition that is directly correlated to the compliance of society’s rules, regulations, and laws. This right afforded to citizens under the constitution is surrendered by those who choose to disregard and trample on the set of standards and behavior needed for a society to maintain order and avoid anarchy. When loss of freedom is the tool used to punish this segment of society, prisons become the instrumentality used to carry out the various freedom restrictions under the law for each individual. Citizens who find themselves incarcerated in prison will be exposed to an entirely different environment than those in free society. In addition, there is a psychological impact on those being reintroduced into society …show more content…
Security concerns have caused some restrictions or loss of freedoms guaranteed by the constitution as inmate mail is read by prison officials. “The courts have clearly ruled that inmates do not have an expectation of privacy while in prison” (Seiter, 2011, p. 469). This ruling also allows prison officials to conduct searches of the prisoner, his belongings, and living quarters. The searches conducted by officials served many purposes, as the environment behind the prison walls is a culture in itself. Prisoners have their own rules, conduct codes, communication styles, and values. This culture can be dangerous not only for the prison officials but also for the inmates, for the inmates themselves decide the consequences for anyone violating the conduct code. To prevent problems from arising, officials diligently conduct searches hoping to eliminate contraband. They intercept and decipher inmate correspondence to increase their awareness of inmate activity. Contraband is a major concern inside for prison officials because these items can “assist in an escape, are dangerous, can sabotage or subvert prison physical security, or create unhealthy or unsanitary conditions” (Seiter, 2011, p. 416). An important step in controlling security in prison is to confiscate all matter of contraband. Weapons are of course the biggest concern for prison officials and prisoners have devised many unique
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