Prison Is Defined As A Building Whereby People Are ‘Legally

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Prison is defined as a building whereby people are ‘legally held as a punishment for a crime they have committed, or whilst they are awaiting trial.’ According to the prison reform trust, the prison system has been overcrowded since 1994 and the prison population has increased, where between June 1993 and June 2012 prison population in England and Wales increased by 41,800 prisoners to over 86,000. With such increased numbers, it is questionable as to whether prison is effective, if it works and whether rates of reoffending are decreasing, bringing positive results. Theorists such as Durkheim view crime as ‘inevitable,’ that every society has some level of crime. Hence, where individuals transgress, their actions are punishable.…show more content…
Furthermore, from the prison officer’s perspective, certain aspects of exploitative behaviour was not always defined as bullying. Thus, it becomes difficult to categorise bullying which leads to certain behaviour being ignored, making an unpleasant experience for individuals in prison. This can lead to individuals becoming psychology distraught and it said they often learn and adapt to the behaviour in their surroundings. This is evident in the Stanford prison experiment conducted by Psychologist Zimbardo, where he found that prisoners adapted to the ‘prison like behaviour,’ where some of their thinking became disorganised and even entered into deep depression. With regards to this, it is evident that prison has a negative effect on its inmates and therefore is not as effective as some individuals believe. Due to the negativity endured in prisons, inmates can become angry and frustrated which can lead to them becoming more careless, reflecting this back in society. Moreover, punishing someone would need to be justified, it causes psychological and physical harm, an unpleasant experience. This is where different theories come into place, for example, reductivism is a forward thinking theory where it seeks to justify punishment by its alleged future consequences. This theory suggests that if punishment is perpetrated there will

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