Prison Life in the UK

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In the world we live in today there is, has been, and always will be an infinite amount of controversies throughout society. Perhaps one of the most important, being that it could jeopardize our existence, is the debate of how to deal with what most everyone would consider unwanted. The members of the prison population can range from petty thieves to cold hearted serial killers; so the conflict arises on how they can all be dealt with the most efficient way. The sides can result in a wide range of opinions such as simply thinking a slap on the wrist is sufficient; to even thinking that death is the only way such a lesson can be learned. While many believe it is ok to punish and torture prisoners, others feel that cruel treatment of prison …show more content…
These people believe that by sending people to jail over petty crimes is not only wasting resources but even lives due to the fact that prisons are so commonly filled with corrupt guards and ruthless gangs and offenders. In the United Kingdom prisons a taking a serious toll on the youth. Children from ages fifteen to seventeen have now become real criminals. Since 1990 twenty two kids have committed suicide due to being subjected to bullying and other violence. Because of these occurrences a statutory independent CRC was sent to represent 11.3 million children. This resulted in all children under the age of 17 to be completely removed from the prison system to prevent similar problems in the future. Lawyer Phil Shiner states: “It is nonsense to suggest it is a case of a few bad apples,that is absolutely not the case, people at the very highest level know what was going on. They aren’t just allegations; I have no doubt a public inquiry can get to the bottom of this.” The British army’s high command stands being accused of officially ordering the hooding and mistreatment of prisoners. Not only are prisoners tortured in the small time prisons but the army is specifically ordering their troops to torture captives beyond the point of simple interrogation. According to an interview of Major Royce: “He asked why it was taking place. I explained that I had cleared it with the chain command. He was happy that the chain of command… had given us that

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