Prison Management Strategies The principal goal of prison management is social control.

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Prison Management Strategies The principal goal of prison management is social control. Institutional security and the personal safety of staff and inmates is the outcome to a well-managed prison, where both the level of routine misconduct by individual inmates and the occurrence of episodic group disturbances signal the breakdown of management’s ability to exert effective control. Population Reduction Measures Even though the state is expected to obtain savings once this policy is in full effect the current state budget does not disclose any sort of actual savings. Unfortunately, “the administration estimates that the various measures would eventually reduce the prison population by around 2,000 inmates. In doing so, the court waived…show more content…
Also proposed is actually removing extra time because it actually takes some time to schedule the parole hearing from 180 days to 120. On top of that it has been requested by the court-system to shorten the inmates release dates that have already got the ok to leave on probation, but are still waiting to actually leave the prison. Other measures that have been used in this method are expanded medical and elderly parole. Most of the current laws in a majority of the states issue medical parole which basically means the inmate needs constant care; therefore, they can be temporally released in order to take care of the medical emergencies or problems. It has not been specified on how severe the illness must be in order for the inmate to get accepted for medical parole. Also proposed by the government is to allow “inmates who are over the age of 60 who have already served a minimum of 25 years of their sentence to be eligible for parole hearings to determine if they are suitable for release, more commonly called elderly parole” (US Dept. of Justice). Last but certainly not least is their expanded alternative custody for women. Courts have instructed to broaden substitute punishments for women in select few programs, which establishes that women who are not sex offenders and that are also non violent are eligible to be placed
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