Prison Management Styles

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Management Styles
Raechellee Noland
American Intercontinental University

Organizations and businesses alike all have managers and management styles that they abide by. Some may be company policy; while others seem to be implemented by the manager’s themselves. In this paper, three different management styles are explained; Scientific, human relations, and systems management styles. All have been used in different organizations, and some are still used today. In order for a business to effectively succeed in their goals, a certain management style needs to be used.

Management Styles The key to making any kind of business work depends on management and how management or managers manage the companies they work for. There
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In the end, one department would be great, while all the others were different and didn’t sync well with the others.
Most Effective and Disadvantages In order for today’s criminal justice system to work correctly, the best management theory would be the systems theory. The criminal justice system needs to have a structured and organized system in order to make things work, the systems management theory focuses on the overall goals of the departments as a whole, rather than focusing just on one goal for each department. Criminal justice is a system; there are several different parts that need to work together in order for it to work. This would include all components, such as the courts, police, and corrections. They all need to be on the same page in order to keep the balance between the three and avoid chaos. A disadvantage of scientific management in criminal justice was that the style focused more on the production and the needs of the organizations over caring for the needs and wants of the employees. The disadvantages of the human relations theory, was that is focused too much on the employees. With too much focus on the employees, the goals of the organization became secondary. Employees were being rewarded, and soon, employees expected more for less work. (Peak, 2012).
All three different management styles explained above

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