Prison Only Makes People Worse

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Prison has been around in human society for many millions of years. Having someone who disobeyed the law of that village, town, city or country punished in some form of institution, cutting them off from people, is a common concept – a popular and supposedly "needed" process society has taken to doing for many years now has been put under the spotlight many times by many different figures and people in society. The question remains – do prisons only make people worse? Many articles have been published in many journals and newspapers of the western world (mainly the USA, UK and Australia) saying prison only makes a person worse yet no complaint of the method has come from the less liberal eastern societies; this only proves how in countries…show more content…
Even though prison can be the first step to transformation for the small few who go into prison coming out better, for the large majority prison only makes them worse, even allowing for them to become ‘better' criminals. Prison itself is swarming with criminals, so criminals enter prison they enter into a crime-riddled community. They share an atmosphere with other criminals alike to them – with their own thinking, their own mentality and such things alike. The values, the ideas, the thoughts of the criminals that go into prison are simply then part of this ‘criminal chain' where the values, the thoughts and ideas of criminals are simply shared and ‘recycled'. For many criminals going into prison is only a chance to become better at what they enjoy doing best, and that is being criminals and being the worst people they can be. Even though the idea is sad, but this is the reality. For example, in the worst prisons in UK, the high-security prisons, there are still men in prison who co-ordinate drug deals within prison through messengers who take it to the outside world. There are people in those prisons that would still take drugs, kill other inmates and carry on the same, many learn the "tricks of the trade" while still in prison, so when they leave they can commit more crimes – the ‘proper' way. Therefore, through this, how prisoners only go in prison to become a part of the large criminal
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