Prison Overcrowding : A Big Problem

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Have you ever wonder why are prison systems are as bad as they are. Well that has a lot to do with prison overcrowding, it is a big problem in society today. There is at least 114 countries that the number of prisoners exceeds the official prison capacity. Prisoners are treated no better than animal at a zoo because of the number of people they have held in cell. I’ll inform you about prison overcrowding, by talking about how many parents of children there are in prison, and the children that are affected. The poor prison caudation’s which the prisoners live. Last but not lease the things that have been done to reduce the prison population as we speak. According to the article “When prison cause more harm than good” at the Huffington post the article talks about how many prisoners are in jail, many of them being parents. As well as how children all across the world are affected in so many ways. There is 2.7 million children who have parents in a prison, which is a very large number. It’s hard to think that all these children will be without one or both of their parents, but that’s the sad reality that we live in. Here’s an example there once was this little girl names Shay and her dad was in jail for a crime that he committed. Not only was she left without a real support system, but now she is the product of a broken home as well. She realized how much she miss her dad, who was there for her whole life. Well one day she asks her mom to go see him and her mom agrees.
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