Prison Overcrowding And Its Effects

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The purpose of this assignment is to take a look at an existing issue within the American criminal justice system which is prison overcrowding and its effects. Imprisonment is the primary means of punishment in American society for crimes (Ross, 2010; Verro, 2010). In fact, the incarceration rate in America surpasses several other developed nations, due to having over two million inmates presently serving time in prison (Brazell, Crayton, Mukamal, Solomon, and Lindahl, 2009; Vacca, 2004). The American criminal justice system was developed on the foundation of providing both positive and negative objectives in dealing with the criminal population. From history, it is known that previous concepts and procedures were based on English styles. However, with the rapid construction of penitentiaries and other facilities, it was soon discovered that the approach practiced in England was proven to be ineffective in dealing overcrowding and other issues in America. Presently, correctional facilities are still being overused. As mentioned previously, history has shown that this has always been a concern due to the increase in American population and the inexperience of knowing what to do with the criminals. Currently, our nation’s incarceration rate began to intensify during the 1980’s and the 1990’s when our nation was experiencing an escalation in crime occurrences. These crime occurrences included a growth in drug abuse, burglary, thefts and other crimes to name a few. This
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