Prison Overcrowding Is A Serious Problem

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Prison overcrowding is a result of the imprisonment of drug users and first time offenders of non-violent crimes. The number of people being incarcerated greatly outweighs the number of prisons across the country. Prison overcrowding is a serious problem because it can be dangerous to both prisoners and correction officers. When prisoners are forced to live in crowded situations, the possibility of violence is greater (Oliver 44). Issues such as assaults and rapes can occur when there is not enough supervision over the prisoners. Not having proper security is a result of the prisons being overcrowded. As more criminals become imprisoned, other prisoners are released due to the lack of space. Because prison overcrowding has become such a serious issue across the country, rehabilitation, halfway houses, probation, and house arrest are a few alternatives to prison for non-violent offenders that can decrease the prison population. Rehabilitation is the most effective alternative to prison due to the high percentage of incarcerated non violent drug users. There are over two million prisoners in America’s prison system, and about one-fourth of them were convicted for drug offenses (Mitchell par.1). Not only do rehabilitation facilities help with the problem of prison overcrowding, but also helps individuals with sobriety and keeps them away from the drug-related activities. Sending drug addicts to prison does not cure them of their diseases; it only makes their
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