Prison Overcrowding

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“Prison Overcrowding: Using Proposals from Nevada and California to Recommend an Alternative Answer”

By: Casey Apao

For: Dr. Sarri
Fall 2010


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December 04, 2010

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It is no surprise that when operating at over capacity there will be health and mental problems to inmates. Nevada plans to attack this crisis with help from the State Supreme Court and law makers. Based on the numbers, tens of thousands inmates are in the Nevada penal system, but there are also undocumented aliens using up federal fund to cloth, feed and house them. One thousand of those inmates are illegal immigrants (Humbert). A new plan by a Nevada justice will ease overcrowding, his answer: sending illegal immigrants home (Humbert). Justice James Hardesty explains that non violent offenders normally serve their sentence and then are turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.) (Humbert). But his plan is to end that time served and send them home right away to speed up the deportation process, a process that could save millions by getting illegal immigrants out of Nevada’s prisons and into I.C.E. custody (Humbert). Estimated figures suggest that it cost nearly $50 dollars per day for each inmate in NDOC (Humbert). By deporting illegal immigrants back to their countries the State can effectively slow down the prison population boom, but more is needed to combat the problem. Nevada also has an Assembly Bill in its arsenal to fight overcrowding. Assembly Bill 510 (AB510) is a measure aimed at reducing the inmate population across the board, except for people in prison for life with out parole (Bellisle). AB 510 would release a much as 1,600

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