Prison Overcrwoding in America and England

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As the increasing inmate population is a growing concern in the U.S, many law enforcement agencies and academic expert have analyzed data about the situation and are working to combat it. Research shows that Drugs are mainly to blame. Of the inmates in federal prison as of September 2011, more than half or 50.4% was serving sentences for drug offenses that were committed including simple offenses. Out of 24,366 related drug offenders, 6,336 were marijuana related offenders and 4,309 were Methamphetamine related offenders. This does not only show that more than half of the prisons are filled with drug offenders but it means that the cells are being used by people who are most likely addicted to the substance. When there are cells being wasted by people who do not or would rather not change their ways, then it is useless. Overpopulated drug offenders are the result in prison overcrowding in the United States. In this research paper I will be reviewing the main cause for overcrowding, what overcrowding causes, crime rates and costs, proposition AB 109, and potential solutions to the overcrowding of prison system.
There are well known documented issues that have been known to cause overcrowding in prisons. Some of these issues include poverty, lack of education or employment opportunities, drug or alcohol use and abuse, and mental…
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