Prison Population Around The World

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Samantha Talmo Professor Wisz 8 August 2016 Research Paper Prison populations around the world are continuing to grow every single day.“ The nation 's jail population flows like a torrential river with upwards of 12 million individuals moving in and out of institutions annually” (Lyman, 167). The population is continuing to grow in jails because of the growth in the crime itself. It is debated whether or not nonviolent criminals should be given jail time. There are other punishments that could be given to criminals that have not created violent crimes, for example serving community service, being on house arrest and speaking to a parole officer. Another question that society considers is whether or not in the long run will society itself benefit from nonviolent criminals not receiving jail time. Society would benefit if nonviolent criminals were punished in other ways than jail time. Society would benefit since overcrowding in jails wouldn’t be an issue, tax costs would be reduced, and recidivism would decrease as a result. A big issue in prisons are overcrowding, it was previously stated that 12 million inmates that around the world that is in prison. Even after considering that that is the average of all prisons put together there is still a huge amount of people living in one prison.“ Jails now hold some 730,000 people in custody, more than triple their population in 1983”( Speiser). If the prisons population was triple the population size in 1983 and it is
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