Prison Psychotherapy

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opic: Prison and mental illness
Subtopic: preexisting mental conditions

Yoon, I. A., Slade, K., & Fazel, S. (2017). Outcomes of Psychological Therapies for Prisoners With Mental Health Problems: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Journal Of Consulting & Clinical Psychology, 85(8), 783-802. doi:10.1037/ccp0000214.

Inmates around the world have great mental health needs, but the effect of prison psychotherapy is unknown. The purpose of the article is to systematically review the mental health outcomes of prisoners, and to qualitatively generalize the difficulties associated with conducting randomized clinical trials (RCT). Methods: psychological therapy RCT (37 studies) was used to systematically determine the mental health outcomes of prisoners. Calculate the effect size and perform meta-analysis. Subgroup and analysis analyses were conducted to examine the sources of learning heterogeneity. Thematic analyses reviewed the difficulties of prison RCT. At 3 and 6 months follow-up, the effect was not sustained. No differences were found between the group and individual treatment or between the different treatment types. Using fidelity measures is associated with lower effect sizes. Qualitative analysis identifies the difficulties of follow-up and institutional constraints on the arrangement and implementation
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L. (2008). Administrative Segregation From Within. Prison Journal, 88(1), 123-143.

The article is about the increase in the number of prisoners in the country over the past twenty years, which has led to super prisons. One of the controversial issues facing the super prison is concerns about the individual types of solitary confinement and the arbitrary nature of these placements. The study analyzed isolated prisoners because Colorado was known as "super dating" and the process and reason for its placement. Evidence of institutional failure, more serious crime history and pre-existing mental health needs was found in the segregated
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