Prison Punishment Should Not Be Restricted

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Every person is born with certain rights that are granted or guaranteed to him or her by the Constitution of the United States of America. These rights cannot be taken away or infringed upon by anyone…or so one would believe. There are certain circumstances when these rights can be restricted. One of these circumstances is when an individual makes the decision to break a law and they are sentenced to jail or prison. There is a fine balancing act that must be walked when keeping a persons rights intact and also doing what is best and safest for the institution. Even in prison there are rights that cannot be restricted at all (these will be explained later in the paper). There are guidelines that every prison or jail staff member must fallow to protect themselves, the prisoner’s and the security, safety, court requirements, visits, and other functions of the facility. “It is now widely accepted that people sentenced to imprisonment are in prison as punishment: that the punishment is loss of liberty, and they are not to be further punished by harsh conditions, humiliation or violence” (Naylor, 2014). This statement describes what the balancing act between punishing the inmates for their behavior without impeding on their constitutional rights. There are guidelines that every prison guards, or staff member must fallow when restricting the rights of the inmates. This guideline is how the balancing act is ensured not to topple one way or the other. The guideline includes
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