Prison Reform is Necessary: Must Focus on Respect for Human Life

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Prison Reforms A Prison Reform is defined as the act of improving the surroundings in which prisoners are exposed to while in prisons, with an aim of administering an effective and efficient punishment to the inmate. The reforms are carried out with major goal of ensuring that the various regulations stipulated in prison manuals, sentence that are to be delivered in courts and all other kinds of legislations are effected to the letter. With the reforms, a new direction of the penalty system is attained in each prison. This penalty system differs from the former system that normally has the perception that the lives of inmates are not important. The system gives an eminent significance to the live of the inmate in society as well as the …show more content…
Various issues and matters need to be campaigned for, these include: intensive campaign to the end of administering of death sentences to the inmates, formulating and structuring a legislation that does not inhibit the former inmates from getting access to jobs, shelter, and enjoying various privileges in the public welfare kitty. Also putting into place separate courts to deal with hearings of inmates with special needs such as mental and health, lobbying for the Board of Pardons to listen to all hearings, especially those of inmates who may be subjected to life sentences, influencing and campaigning for changes in the legislative in sections of first probation inmate for “good time” behavior, and regular meetings with senior prison staff members to advocate for reform . Prison reforms have no stipulated time in the calendar year of when they should be carried out. The time is now if at all the prison situation is not updated to the current trend of humane care in prison. This will be for the betterment of improvement of human life in all sectors of life. The rule of laws will also prevail and be respected at the awakening call of reforms in all prisons. The reforms are a respect of human life and thus they need to be carried out throughout in all prisons. For any unexpected situation arising in a prison environment calls for reforms

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