Prison Study : By Jeffrey Ray Jackson Essay

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OL-GEN240 Stanford Prison Study: By Jeffrey Ray Jackson Sr. In essence, of being a correction officer, guard. I would be nicknamed, “The eighteen wheeler.” The reasons are about the job details and job descriptions. My own action behavior will be efforts by acting naturally with the co-worker’s, and a decent understanding with the prisoner’s. While, being aware with knowledgeable of either sides (a guard, or a prisoner) of the circumstances about the environment, of the correctional facility. Both guards, and prisoners are aware of within the situation(s), been dealt with. The behavior of a guard will be individually owned, like a single ship out to sea, in the ocean, all alone. Would anybody know? It’s highly unlikely. Being a guard, owning, the job position claim, efforts of being myself. As to what extent creates a well-to-good of a corrections officer? Frankly, nobody knows, but, I alone. Unless, by observance, from other guards or dawned upon more or less than one prisoner(s). Still, common natural knowledge, are acquired. From that, prisoner(s) becomes aware and knowledgeable of the guard. Guards are determined, by easiness knowing each other, as team-members. Yet, from complications, differences are responses back from the prisoner(s), own opinions, thoughts, or their beliefs, toward Guard duties. Prisoner(s), freewill to learn, their surroundings, of the environment. Both, the guard and the prisoner(s) being, sub-do to, by no choices of either party, involuntarily,
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