Prison System : A Place Of Confinement

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Prison is a place of confinement where people are legally detenated for a crime and/or are awaiting trial. Detention in no way should mean mistreatment. After reading the Shook, Gaucher and Vivar articles, it is clear that the prison system goes beyond just sentencing individuals for the crimes they have committed. It ends up brutally mistreating those confined, whether it is through the prison itself or the state paid staff.
The Prisons and the Prisoners
As we know human beings are relational beings. Humans live for interaction and communication. The prison system, however completely separates an individual from their families, friends and any sort of meaningful relations. It puts them in a small area, smaller than our washrooms, where they are confined to its surroundings. In case a family member does come to visit them, they are not given enough time to interact with the individual at all. The time given is measured and often limited to enjoy the moment with the family maybe the children and the wife. This measured time causes loss of attachment to relationships that may have at one point been the closest relationship to one. “ Saw it as something that had stolen my father from me, reduced our relationship”, this sentence from the Shook article really had me thinking about how the prison system can take a relationship and institutionalize it to the point that it own its own starts to deteriorate. Prisoners are separated from their loved ones for years, months, for life,…
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