Prison Term Policy Recommendation Essay

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Prison Term Policy Recommendation
Kianna Petty
June 16, 2014
Professor Paula Rutkowski

Prison Term Policy Recommendation Paper

As a realistic matter, it is smart to sustain a bill that addresses a real concern, creates proper use of resources and effectively addresses the problem for which it was intended. It is known that victims of armed robberies want to see the offenders punished. It is noticeable that the public’s desire is to be safe and protected from being a victim of armed robbery. While on the other hand, the legislature must show caution in legislating across the board sentencing and defend discretion for the judicial system to consider the specific aspects that creates each case.
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Among the fundamentals measured in determining if a crime has been committed, one must address the diverse levels of culpability and/ or extenuating factors. Armed robbery can be a violent well designed crime otherwise a clumsy half-witted attempt. Eventually a result of guilt must be made, by a predominance of the proof, with competent lawful protection representation offered to the accused. Only after all these necessities are met can a judge proceed with sentencing. These judges must have discretion in considering the above three aspects and weight them accordingly in order to distribute a sentence that is fair and balanced. While the community may desire a representative to be challenging on crime, the community tends to be sympathetic to media stories of criminals who act out of distraction or need. There has been strong resistance to suggestions that delay individual considerations.
Beyond the instant punitive effect, punishment can serve the need of removing dangerous people from the society, serve as deterrence to those inclined to commit a crime and potentially reform criminals into law abiding citizens. These societies have also recognized that in order for any corrective act to have its preferred effect it has to fit the crime. Take for instance the cutting off of a hand for someone caught stealing. Most western societies would regard this punishment as too severe and
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