Prison Tern Policy Recommendation

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Prison term Policy Recommendation

Prison Term Policy Recommendation
As a Criminologist Advisor to a member of State Legislature, I have been chosen to provide a prison term policy on armed robbery. Soon, the legislature will be voting on a bill that would double the maximum prison term for anyone who is convicted of armed robbery. Included is a recommendation on this policy and the reasons why the recommendations were chosen. Before I go in great details on the pros and con, I would like to define what the legal term for armed robbery is. Armed robbery is an aggravated form of robbery in which the defendant is armed with a dangerous weapon, though it is not necessary to prove that he used the weapon to effectuate the robbery.
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The average loss per victim during that year was $1258. Not only will the victim suffer financially, they will also suffer mentally (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2009).
Because the lives and security for citizens are more important then the outcome of tax increase, I would recommendation the legislatures to enforce the policy. The economy has a cycle. It has its ups and down and we know that financially we can afford to maintain or build new prison facilities. However, we cannot increase the security for our citizens if we cannot reduce the crime rate in the near future. Doubling the maximum prison term for anyone convicted of armed robbery will reduce the crime rate; therefore it will increase the safety for our citizens. I strongly advice you to vote for the change.

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